There are three self-study online modules on HEA. They have been available to Save the Children staff since 2015 but can now be accessed below by people outside SC. Click on the relevant link at the bottom of the page. They are also available in French.

1 - Introduction to HEA

  • For those who want to understand what HEA is and how it can contribute to programming
  • Duration: approx. 1 hour.

2 - HEA baseline assessment 

  • For those who are planning to take part in a baseline assessment or who want to understand how baseline data is collected and analysed.
  • If you complete the online baseline assessment, you will not have to take part in all the face-to-face training (normally lasting one week) required before participating in a baseline assessment.
  • Duration: 1.5-2 hours

3 - HEA outcome analysis refresher

  • For technical practitioners who have already completed a full outcome analysis (OA) training and would like to refresh their knowledge of OA and/or improve their understanding of specific elements of OA.
  • It is not a comprehensive OA training. It covers the most challenging topics in OA.
  • It is designed so you can dip in and out of topics. Each session takes 5-10 minutes.

Links to modules

We suggest opening the modules in a new tab. Right-click on the relevant module below and select 'Open link in new tab'.


These modules were developed by Save the Children with support from Walkgrove, FEG and ECHO. The training materials on which these modules drew were created by FEG with support from a number of agencies including Save the Children, RHVP, USAID, FAO and WFP.