​​​In 2018, HEA was endorsed by Save the Children as a common approach. 

What is a common approach?

A common approach is a term used in Save the Children to reflect our best understanding of how to solve a particular problem for children. It is based on evidence and can be adapted to work in multiple contexts​ and replicated in different countries.  

Why does Save the Children have common approaches?

The aim is to help raise the quality of Save the Children's work. Each common approach comes with a comprehensive set of tools and guidance for addressing a particular problem. This means country offices do not need to start from scratch each time they approach a problem. Instead, they will have more time for innovation and finding ways to adapt, learn and refine solutions to their own context.

As common approaches are used more and more across the world, Save the Children will be able to more easily measure success and learn from failure, so that ultimately we can do more for children.


How does an approach become an endorsed Save the Children common approach?

The Thematic Strategy Group endorses common approaches when they meet the following criteria:

  • Supporting evidence of impact is rigorously documented.
  • Guidance for design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the approach is documented and toolkits provided.
  • Save the Children has substantial experience with the approach and/or developed it.
  • The approach can be adapted and contextualized, and has been replicated.
  • There is evidence of cost-effectiveness and the approach can be scaled up.
  • The approach is subject to continuous improvement with a clear learning agenda.
  • It includes robust guidelines on child safeguarding and gender equality.

The HEA learning programme

Each common approach has or is developing a learning programme that identifies the resources, activities and assessments necessary to achieve bronze, silver and gold levels. Details of the HEA learning programme will be made available here. 

HEA common approach resources

Household economy analysis (15 pages)

Household economy analysis (2 pages)

Save the Children staff can also access the Child Poverty Common Approaches area on the intranet.